Eye Health

Eye Health

Whether you are concerned about maintaining your vision or need relief from occasional dry eye symptoms, we share your goal to protect and preserve your eyes.

Omega-3’s (EPA/DHA) essential fatty acids and vitamins are critical for good health. Many of these nutrients are essential; which means that they cannot be made or stored in the body and must be obtained through good nutrition.

Occasional Dry Eye Symptoms

Maintaining a healthy surface of the eye and overall tear quality is important for providing ongoing healthy vision. The right formulation of omega-3s can help ensure a healthier tear composition – while providing relief of occasional dry eye symptoms like dryness, redness, or irritation.

PRN’s Dry Eye Omega Benefits® – available in softgel or liquid – is endorsed and used by leading ophthalmologists as a preferred solution for maintaining a healthy ocular surface.

Macular Health

Making sure that you are getting the proper amount of essential nutrients is critical to maintaining healthy vision as you age. Numerous clinical studies have shown that daily supplementation of omega-3s (EPA/DHA) in a purified triglyceride form are necessary for healthy retinal function and overall macular health.

PRN’s evidence-based eye vitamin formula is recommended by top doctors. Based upon the vitamins studied by the National Eye Institute in relation to macular health (Age-related Eye Disease Study AREDS2) along with unique enhancements for further eye health.

PRN’s Macular Health products are formulated based on clinical evidence for maintaining a healthy retina and macula regions of the eye.

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