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Provides a custom formulation of omega-3 EPA & DHA as well as Vitamin D3
Omega Essentials High Potency Liquid
      •  NEW liquid alternative    •  1 Teaspoon equivalent to 2668 mg of EPA/DHA

Persistent symptoms associated with the female aging process, menopause and painful menstruation are often associated with chronic inflammation.  Many sufferers have looked for safe and natural treatment to alleviate these symptoms, but benefits of many of these alternatives have been less than optimal.

Omega-3 has been shown to offer an effective, safe, and natural way to manage these symptoms without the use of prescription medications.  Additionally, Vitamin D3 provides supplemental benefit in preventing post-menopausal osteoporosis.

Choosing to take an omega-3 will provide your body the necessary nutrients for optimal relief of certain symptoms and overall well-being.  Choosing the right omega-3 is just as important.  Omega-3’s rich in EPA and DHA, in their natural triglyceride form will enhance your therapeutic outcome.  PRN Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals® provides the purest, most therapeutically potent omega-3 based nutriceuticals possible.  All of PRN’s omega-3 based products, when taken as recommended, deliver a therapeutic amount of omega-3 EPA and DHA.

Lowering the risk of breast cancer

The National Cancer Institute estimates there to be over 207,000 new cases of female breast cancer each year resulting in approximately 40,000 female deaths.  A recent study reported in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention suggests taking fish oil supplements high in omega-3 DHA and EPA may help prevent breast cancer.  This study of 35,000 women who had no history of breast cancer reported that women who took fish oil supplements regularly were 32% less likely to develop breast cancer, particularly, invasive ductal breast cancer, the most common type of the disease.

Fish oil may be associated with a reduction of breast cancer risk because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  Dietary intake of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) from a marine source has been inversely associated with blood concentrations of various inflammatory markers.  Because EPA and DHA are known to reduce cellular inflammation and are incorporated into cell phospholipids at the expense of pro-inflammatory omega-6 arachidonic acid, they reduce the reservoir of arachidonic acid, thus reducing inflammation.

Additionally, researchers suggest EPA and DHA as adjuvant therapy to boost the efficacy of chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer.  A study from the Methodist Research Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana discovered that omega-3s (EPA and DHA) down-modulate gene (CXCR4) expression and function in breast cancer cells and were able to assist in preventing the migration of cancer cells to other tissues, thus reducing the metastatic activity.

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