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Potency – How are PRN products different from other products on the market?

PRN products have the highest amount of omega 3's (EPA and DHA) per serving. Because PRN products have the highest potency (absorption times concentration) in the marketplace today, the lowest cost per therapeutic dose is provided to the consumer.

Easy Absorption – How are PRN products different from other products on the market?

PRN omega-3s are in the triglyceride form of fish oil.  This form  is found naturally in fish and is up to 300% more absorbable than the synthetic (ethyl ester) forms found in many other fish oil products.1

1Dyerberg J, et al. 2010 Sep; 83(3):137-141.

What fish are PRN Omega-3 products made from?

The fish oils used in PRN products originate mainly from small marine fish such as sardines, anchovies or mackerel from the coast of South America. We harvest only pelagic fish which are short-lived, mid-ocean dwelling and the least contaminated of the fish species. Many other products on the market use fish such as tuna, salmon, and other game fish, which are long-lived, close to shore, and therefore, have more contaminants.

Do PRN Omega-3 products contain flaxseed oil?

No. PRN products do not contain any flax oil and are 60% Omega-3 essential fatty acids derived from marine fish oils. Flaxseed oil is from a plant source and does not provide the Omega-3 benefits of EPA & DHA. 

I heard that flaxseed oil is just as good – and is more concentrated and tastes better. Is this true?

Flaxseed oil is a rich source of the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is an Omega-3 fatty acid with a shorter carbon chain than EPA and DHA. Some ALA gets converted in the body to EPA and DHA, but this conversion is probably less than 1% and is not adequate to meet the body's need for EPA and DHA. Flaxseed oil is also more palatable than typical commercially available fish oil, but has a stronger taste and odor than highly concentrated, distilled fish oil products. Flaxseed oil will not supply the body’s requirement for Omega-3s

Do PRN Omega-3 products contain seed oils such as Borage, Black Currant, Evening Primrose, etc.?

No. PRN products do not contain any seed oils and contain Omega-3 essential fatty acids derived from marine fish oils. The fish oil is distilled from very small fish from the cold waters off the southern coast of South America. Borage, Black Currant, and Evening Primrose oils have high concentrations of Omega-6 EFAs, which may further aggravate the inflammatory response.

Are PRN Omega-3 products tested for Mercury?

As part of our strict quality control program, we test every batch of PRN products for dioxins, PCB's, Mercury and other heavy metals. Batch numbers appear on every bottle to insure quality and purity. Each batch is sent to an independent external lab for third-party testing. Reports for each batch are on file and can be requested by contacting our corporate office.

What is your shipping time?

We usually ship via UPS (USA) and Purrolator (Canada) within 2 to 3 business days. Depending upon where PRN products are being shipped, it can take 3-5 business days until you receive your PRN order. 

For overall wellness and prevention, approximately 1-2 ABSORBABLE grams of EPA and DHA is recommended. For inflammatory conditions, 3-4 ABSORBABLE grams of EPA and DHA is recommended. Because of the high potency and absorbability of PRN products, only 4 softgels daily are needed. Conventioal omega-3 supplements would require about 20 soft gels to get the same benefit. Thus, the PRN Omega-3 product provides the lowest cost per therapeutic dose.

How long does a bottle last?

Based on the recommended servings on each product, one bottle of PRN Omega-3s should last 30 days.

What is the suggested usage?

For optimal absorption, the best time to take PRN softgels is with a full meal. In addition, 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables will provide additional bioflavonoid antioxidants, as well as other health benefits. You may take all the softgels with one meal or split them up with meals. For the best results, it is important to reduce your intake of omega-6 containing seed oils such as corn oil, sunflower oil, or safflower oil and decrease your intake of saturated and trans-fatty acids found in processed and fast foods. Canola oil and olive oil are recommended, in moderation, as cooking oils. It is important to take PRN products on a regular daily basis. Individuals vary in their time to achieve a response. Some people feel significantly better after several days, although most individuals take several weeks to a month to experience the health benefits.

Can I take more than the dosage on the bottle? What if I need more?

People often increase the number of softgels after several weeks if they do not have the response they desire. If you do not see the results expected, contact your healthcare provider. Together, you can determine if increasing your dose is necessary.

Can I take PRN products with me even though they won’t be refrigerated?

It is recommended to keep PRN products at room temperature or below and out of direct sunlight, with as little humidity as possible. However, once our liquid products are opened, they should be refrigerated.

Are there any side effects?

There are no drug-like side effects to PRN Omega-3 products. Rarely, a person may have some GI distress such as diarrhea when taking PRN Omega-3 products, but these effects are temporary and can be ameliorated by taking the products with food or dividing the doses.

What if I can’t swallow a gel cap?

PRN Omega-3 products are mainly manufactured as softgels. However, for customers who have difficulty swallowing pills/gel caps, we recommend piercing the softgel with a sterilized pin and squeezing the oil into a liquid (juice, etc.) or pudding immediately prior to ingestion. This will not compromise the effectiveness of the products. Customers can get the same Omega-3 purity in one of our Omega-3 Liquid products.

Do I need to check with my doctor?

PRN Omega-3 products are a safe natural highly purified source of Omega-3 essential nutrients in marine fish oil. In all matters concerning health, it is always important to check with your physician before starting a new program.

Will PRN Omega-3 products interact with any medications?

PRN Omega-3 products can be taken with most medications. However, each individual is unique and it is important to check with your healthcare provider regarding any food supplement when you are on medications.

What is a PRN Health Coach and what do they do?

PRN Health Coaches provide professional, courteous educational support on the use of Omega-3 and other nutriceutical products. Health Coaches can provide as much educational support as you want. All Health Coaches have completed a rigorous training program that was developed and implemented by PRN Medical Affairs Department.

What if I have food allergies? Or allergies to citrus?

Having an allergy to all citrus fruits is quite rare. However, having a citrus sensitivity may happen. All of PRN oils are washed in a citrus solution, but the amount is quite minimal. Our recommendation would be to perform the “Lip Test.” Squeeze a small amount of oil from the capsule and place it on the inside of your lip. If there is any reaction, DO NOT take our products. As always, talk to your health practitioner about possible reactions.

Can taking Omega-3 supplements cause an increase in cholesterol levels?

On occasion, we will have questions regarding the impact of Omega-3s on their overall cholesterol levels. Omega-3 supports the body in producing GOOD cholesterol.

Is it possible to take too much Vitamin D?

There has never been an instance of Vitamin D toxicity from supplementation. The National Institute of Health posts a recommended daily limit for adults at 1000 IU- 4400 IU.

Will PRN products affect blood sugar levels in diabetics?

Your cells may become more insulin receptive and may provide many other cardiovascular benefits as well. You should consult your physician to monitor management of any medications.

I am a small person. Why do I need the same amount of softgels per day as a larger person?

Body weight does not have a direct correlation on Omega-3 saturation. The amount of Omega-6s within the diet is the competing factor for Omega-3 saturation.

Why are PRN Omega-3 products more expensive than the leading OTC brand?

Well in short, they are not. When comparing the cost of therapeutic dose, PRN products are up to 25% less than the leading OTC brand. PRN provides our customers the purest, most potent, scientifically-based, and thus, the most efficacious nutritional supplements possible. 

I am allergic to shellfish. Can I take PRN Omega-3 products?

PRN Omega-3 products are made from fish. However, there is no contraindication with taking our softgels.

Are your softgels enteric coated?

No. The best absorption for the oil is in the stomach. Therefore, we do not enteric coat our softgels. Usually, fish oil supplements use enteric coating to mask rancidity or oxidized oil. Enteric coating is also a red flag that the form of Omega-3 is not in the natural triglyceride form, but an ethyl ester form.

Why do I have to sign up for a recurring order?

Currently, PRN products are ordered through a physician recommendation. Results usually can be felt after taking the 4 softgels daily for a 90 day period. We have auto-shipments set up so that you have no breaks in your daily regimen. PRN will attempt to notify you as a courtesy 10 days prior to your next scheduled shipment by email. If you need to delay that shipment, please don’t hesitate to call our toll free number 855-776-9322 (855-PRN-WEBB). 

What type of facility are your products manufactured?

PRN products are manufactured at facilities that meet or exceed the standards for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). In addition, these facilities are also compliant with NSF International standards. PRN provides pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 products.

Pharmaceutical Grade – How are PRN products different from other products on the market?

PRN products are equal to Pharmaceutical Grade. They are manufactured in a pharmaceutically licensed facility that uses GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) under FDA oversight.

Sustainable Fish – How are PRN products different from other products on the market?

PRN uses pelagic fish, meaning the fish do not swim close to the bottom or the shore. The fish are small, swimming in unspoiled waters. Because of this, the fish are usually exposed to less toxins because of the their distance from people and waste.

These fish also reproduce quickly, which is why they are considered a "green" or sustainable fish source.

No Fishy Taste – How are PRN products different from other products on the market?

Because PRN products are in the natural, more absorbable TG form, there is no burping or fishy aftertaste. The level of purity of the fish oil causes no reflux reaction in most people. In the event that you do have a reaction, PRN uses natural fruit flavors to create a pleasant tasting fish oil. In fact, some people break open or chew their gels caps because they enjoy the flavor, which is completely safe to do.

Why can’t I only order one bottle?

To see therapeutic results, consistent usage for 90 days is required. Ordering only one bottle at a time greatly increases the likelihood of falling behind or missing some treatments and therefore negatively affecting the results of your care. If you think you can only order one bottle, please contact one of our health coaches at 855-776-9322 (855-PRN-WEBB)